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How to Choose the Material for Bathroom Shower Curtain?

When it comes to choosing a new bathroom shower curtain, finding the right one can often become a challenge. Not only do you have to consider the bathroom theme ideas that you want to create, you must further decide which shower curtain material will suit your needs and budget.The materials of the curtain are just as important as the design. The main things to think about are how the curtain can be cleaned based on what it's made of and how long you expect it to last.


Hemp Shower Curtains

Many people consider Hemp to be a much more Eco-friendly shower curtain than the other alternatives. Obviously, as you have already seen, there are pros and cons to every option that you need to take into consideration.


The Pros

It is a Natural Shower Curtain Made From The Plant Fibers
The Hemp Fabric is Stronger and Longer Lasting Than The Fabric Produced From Cotton
It is Resistant To Both Mildew And Bacteria
Considered Eco-Friendly Products


The Cons

It Will Absorb Water
You Will Need to Wring It Out And Wash It Frequently
It Deteriorates Quickly If You Leave It Wet So You Will Need To Care For It More Rigorously
It Is Much More Expensive Than Synthetics
You Will Get Water On Your Floor Unless You Use a Shower Curtain Liner


Cotton & Linen Shower Curtains


The Pros

Cotton Shower Curtains and Linen Showers Curtain are Natural Fabrics
Natural Fabrics, Such as Cotton and Linen, Come in a Vast Array of Colors, Prints, Weaves and Thicknesses
They Look More Luxurious
They Feel Softer Than Synthetics


The Cons

They Are Not Water Repellent
They Become Incubators For Mold and Mildew
They Are Difficult To Care For. They Shrink Drastically If Not Washed and Dried Properly
They Must Be Hung To Dry, And They Take a Long Time To Dry
They Lack Any Defense Against Fungi, Bacteria and Unsightly Stains
You Will Need Good Ventilation in The Bathroom To Help Prevent Mildew (Mildew Causes Asthma and Allergies)
Because These Absorb Water So Quickly, You Can Expect to Have A Lot Of Water On The Floor When You Get Out Of Your Shower
Natural Fabrics Are Much More Flammable Than Synthetic. Not Only Do They Ignite Readily, They Also Burn Much Faster Than Synthetic Curtains Do


Polyetser Fabric

Polyester fabric shower curtains are woven thick and sturdy, to feel almost like canvas. The advantage is that they are easy to clean, fairly water resistant, and they come in a variety of styles.

Fabric shower curtains are fast replacing plastic curtains because they are more versatile and are available in many different colors, patterns, and styles. While traditional plastic shower curtains were stiff and plain-looking, fabric curtains are much softer and are suited to meet most décor needs. For outdoor installation, always choose 100% polyester curtains. These are available only in solid colors, but do not require any curtain liner, and they are most resistant to mildew and mold. All fabric curtains are easy to wash and clean.


The Pros


Very Easy to Find and Purchase
Polyester Shower Curtains Have a Vast Array of Colors, Patterns and Styles to Suit Your Taste
They Are Reasonably Priced (Inexpensive)
They Are Generally Waterproof
They Have Aesthetic Appeal
They Are Resistant to Mildew
They Resist Creasing
They Resist Shrinking
They Are Easily Recyclable
They Are Not Flammable and Polyester Doesn’t Ignite Easily Like Many of the Natural, Untreated Fabrics Do.
They Can be Dried in the Dryer.
Polyester Shower Curtains Dry in a Flash Because it Doesn't Absorb Moisture.


The Cons

Polyester Doesn’t Feel as Luxurious as Natural Fabrics
It is Man Made, Synthetic