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How to Pick the Proper Size for a Shower Curtain?

A shower curtain can count as an element of interior design. Gone are the days of plastic
mono-colored liners. Today's shower curtains are stylish and often whimsical, defining the
home dweller's personal space. Choosing the proper size for a shower curtain is important
for aesthetic appeal, but also for protecting floors from water damage and preventing slip
hazards. Fortunately, MitoVilla shower curtains come in several different sizes to
accommodate a wide range of tubs.

Before you buy a new shower curtain, you’ll need to take some measurements to ensure that
you have the perfect fit. This shower curtain size guide will help you determine which size
to purchase.

Standard Shower Curtain Size

The industry standard for a shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches. These shower curtains
for a bathtub shower are designed to fit a standard 60-inch-long tub. This design
incorporates an extra 12 inches of width to ensure a full appearance and generous folds when
pulled shut.

How to Measure Standard Shower Curtain Width

If you are uncertain of whether your tub or curtain is a standard size, you can measure this
easily. For the curtain width, measure the entire length of the curtain rod and add 12
inches. This additional length ensures that the curtain can reach the wall on both sides
while providing enough fabric for the folds to drape.

Use a shower curtain photo as an example to measure the width for your shower curtain:

Shower Width + 12" = Shower Curtain Width

Measuring the Perfect Shower Curtain Height

In general, it is not recommended for your shower curtain to pool or drape on the floor.
While this look may work for window curtains, it is not ideal for showers. Overly long
shower curtains allow moisture, mold, and mildew to build up, although the MitoVilla shower
curtains are mildew resistant. So the standard shower curtain length is 72 inches. And
MitoVilla also offer long curtain (72 x 78 inches), extra-long curtain (72 x 84 inches or 72
x 96 inches) for bathrooms with high ceilings.

To identify where to hang your curtain, measure from the bottom of the curtain rod - or
curtain rings if you are using them - to the floor. Subtract up to 10 inches for a tub to
determine where to hang your curtains.

Shower curtains that are swept to the side using tie-backs will appear shorter when the
material is gathered up. If necessary, hang the rod 1 to 2 inches lower to keep the draped
curtain outside the rim of the tub.

Measuring Shower Curtains for a Freestanding Stall

For a stall shower, which has a taller and skinnier opening to be protected from spray than
the side or perimeter of a tub, the dimensions are typically 50 inches by 78 inches,
although some stalls are wider and might take up to 54 inches of fabric.

The height of the shower curtain for a shower stall should fall long to make sure that water
is caught and directed inside of the shower curb. Measure from the bottom of the curtain rod
or curtain rings to the floor and subtract 2 inches.

Where to Hang Your Curtain Rod

While there is no rule book to set the standard height for a shower curtain rod, there are a
few guidelines you can follow.

In general, you’ll want to hang the shower curtain so that the bottom hem is at least 1 to
2 inches from the bathroom floor. Overly long curtains provide the ideal environment for
mildew to grow between the liner or in the creases. Shower curtains pooling on the floor
present a dangerous tripping hazard, and will also get in the way when you are vacuuming or
mopping the floor when cleaning.

Use our a shower curtain photo as an example:

2" + Shower Curtain Length + Hook Size = Shower Rod Height

With a standard shower curtain height at 70 or 72 inches, adding at least three inches will
give you a good indication about the ideal shower curtain rod height. With a standard shower
curtain of 72 inches long, the curtain rod should be installed around 75 to 77 inches from
the floor.

A Handy Tip For Hanging Your Shower Curtain Rod

Shower curtains vary in length, so always measure the curtain before deciding where to drill
holes for shower rod brackets. Shower hooks also create distance between the rod and the top
of the curtain, adding to the overall length of your curtain, so remember to take this
measurement into consideration.

When installing permanent brackets, consider using a tension rod first to find the perfect
height. The tension rod can be easily adjusted multiple times. Once you've found the precise
height, you can mark the wall and install the brackets in the perfect location without
having to re-drill.